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5 Questions for MTV Star Kaui Beamer 

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By Erika Gonzalez
Rocky Mountain News

Two years ago, Taquita Thorn and Kaui Beamer were living in a chic New York loft competing for a spot in Danity Kane, the all-girl group created by Sean "Diddy" Combs on MTV's Making the Band. The aspiring stars failed to make the final cut but now are performing assorted oddball entertainment jobs (ring girls for a boxing match, working at an Old West-themed amusement park) and calling a cheap motel in Las Vegas home. Their Sin City adventures take center stage on the MTV series Taquita & Kaui (pronounced "cow-ee"), which airs its season finale Monday. Rocky Mountain News reporter Erika Gonzalez talked to Beamer, a Colorado Springs resident who got her start as a Denver Nuggets Dancer.

1 How did the show come about?

"(Taquita and I) were still friends and we decided to give it another shot and try Vegas. We just thought Vegas was a different alternative. Taquita kept in touch with one of the (Making the Band) producers and he heard her talking about us going out there and he asked us if he could follow us."

Kaui, Denver Nuggets Dancer

2 Is the Happi Hotel as bad as it seems?

"Well, it's a motel, and any motel isn't going to be five-star. It's a bed and a shower and we have Rita there (the motel manager) and she's like our fairy godmother. It's not the most amazing place in the world, but it's something."

3 Did having MTV cameras trailing you help you land jobs in Las Vegas?

"No, I don't think so. There were a lot of jobs that we tried out for that we didn't get. (The people we auditioned for) might be excited that the camera is there to promote who they are, but I don't think that had anything to do with it. Every time we were offered a job, we had to go and try out. (Employers) don't want people without any talent coming to them and exposing them in a bad way."

4 Since you've already been in a televised talent contest, I'm assuming you're also an American Idol fan?

"I love American Idol. I watch it all the time. My favorite was Antonella (Barba); I really liked her because I don't think she was really showing herself. I saw something in her very first audition. She has a really soft, soulful voice. I did try out for the second season, but I didn't end up making it. But it was a really good experience. It taught me that you have to set yourself apart. It gave me the confidence to try out for Making the Band."

5 What's Diddy really like?

"Honestly, we didn't have a lot of interaction with him on either of our shows. I have respect for him because he's honest and real about what he wants. He's been extremely successful because he goes for it. He's very professional. It's kind of hard to hear what he has to say, but if you want to be in the business you're going to have to hear these things. . . . Definitely at times he's intimidating."

Kaui & Taquita

Official Taquita & Kaui website here.

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