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Picture Perfect
Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Good Morning Lakers Fans,

I rolled out of bed earlier than I had anticipated this morning, or, at least before my ridiculously loud alarm clock sounded! (which woke up my entire apartment - oops!)

That is right, I am a hard sleeper, so I had to go out and purchase one of the loudest alarm clocks to wake me up, and therefore, I am never late for school or Lakers events. I am not much of a morning person, until I go for a run with my dog Kandy...that always gives my day a great kick start to my day!

Today was two of my good friend’s birthdays, so, I decided to bring them Starbucks to school. I absolutely love Tuesdays & Thursdays at school. I am taking a photography class that keeps me busy, always trying to push the envelope with new "artsy" and "abstract" photographs. I realized that I love taking photos of my little sisters because they are just the two cutest little girls that I have ever seen, and no, I am not biased. (chuckle, chuckle...)

After a day in the dark room developing film, I drove to Oceanside to finish choreographing a couple solo routines that I had started last week. The night went by rather quickly, and before I knew it, I was on my way home getting ready for a late night of studying and school projects. However, I am so excited for tomorrow because a few of us, the Laker Girls, are going to be on "Ellen". (Ellen DeGeneres show) I can not wait to meet her because I think she is absolutely hilarious and such a kind hearted woman.

I am so happy that we are going to play offs in a week or so, and can’t wait for them to start because last year was so much fun! STAPLES Center is jam packed with die hard Lakers fans and everyone is pumped and ready to see a great ball game! With fans cheering, hearts pounding and music blasting - I dance my heart out and pump up the crowd as the buzzer goes off! The anticipation and excitement I feel is hard to contain!

All I have to say is... Gooooooo LAKERS!!!!

Peace & Love,

- Brittany

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