Sunday, August 13, 2006

2006-07 Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders 

Posted by Sasha at 10:27 PM ET

Many thanks to veteran Ravens cheerleader Talmesha for the heads-up on her squad. The uniform shots are now online at BaltimoreRavens.com and you may notice that the ladies on the team are sporting new threads this year.

The bios are still being updated, but there's enough infor there to know that this is a very diverse group of performers. There are students, pharma reps, a sign language interpreter, an accountant, and even an animal trainer.

Several members of the team have one thing in common - they're all school teachers. If you ask me, their students are pretty lucky. I don't know about you but none of my teachers were even remotely cool. And they were all at least a hundred years old. Well, except for Mrs. Lowe, my 8th grade Spanish teacher. Mrs. Lowe dressed like a Vogue model, never wore the same thing twice, and you just knew her life outside of the classroom was absolutely fascinating.

But I digress...

Anne teaches high school math, Sarita is an English teacher,
and Ginger teaches 6th graders.

Jen teaches elementary school children, Anthony teaches Spanish in high school, and Tasha is a middle school drama teacher.