Monday, January 17, 2005

Chiefs Cheerleader in Broncos Country 

Posted by James at 4:03 PM ET

Former Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleader Najahe Hall is Najahe Hall is a morning anchor for KSLA-TV News 12 in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Before coming Shreveport Najahe worked in Casper, Wyoming an an anchor for K2TV. Najahe also worked in Sioux City, Iowa where she worked as a reporter, photojournalist, fill-in anchor, and producer. Throughout her tenure in Sioux City, Najahe had the opportunity to cover many interesting stories including several prospective presidential candidates during the 2004 Iowa caucuses.

Najahe holds a degree from the University of Kansas, William Allen White School of Journalism.

Update (2/15): The title of the post refers to the time when Najahe was working in Wyoming.