Monday, April 21, 2008

Reader Survey Results 

Posted by James at 10:42 AM ET

Eagles capFor those of you e-mailing me about the results of our reader survey, (Okay, there's only one you) I finally tallied it all up this weekend.

First off the randomly selected winner of our little inducement to fill our the quiz was Marissa Pansoy. of San Diego, California. Marisa received the Autographed Eagles Cheerleader Breast Cancer Awareness Cap seen on the right.

No cheerleader news just a bunch of numbers so if you're not interested just skip over this post.

Survey results

I was a bit surprised by this result I thought it would be more like 80-20 gals to guys. But keep in mind this is just people who filled out the survey.

Survey results

Fans make up the biggest single group, but if you combine all the Cheerleader-related categories, they total 61%. My favorite answer was the reader who answered other and then wrote-in "Ship's Captain."

Survey results

Fully 90% of our female readers are or were involved in Cheering/Dancing in some manner.

Survey results

I thought all the ages would be a bit lower.

Survey results

Unsurprisingly, most readers are in the US.

Survey results

What do you want? Photos, Photos and Alumni News. Sasha already announced she's upgrading her camera. And we always welcome photos submissions form both fans and teams. As for alumni we're making a conscious effort to do more of those stories. If you're a former Cheerleader/Dancer who wants to be featured on the blog, e-mail us.

The open ended questions about what you want to see more or less of didn't produce any answers that got more than 2%.

Survey results

I asked this question of everyone, and then realized it didn't make a lot of sense to ask Cheerleaders if they'd ever been to a Cheerleader appearance.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the survey. We were flattered by all the nice compliments. And we're going to try to incorporate some of the suggestions in the new blog format. When can you expect the new look blog? Originally, I wanted to roll it out for the start of the 2007 NFL season. As you can see, I am way behind. Now we're looking at sometime this summer.

When the new blog is ready, I'm going to e-mail anybody who has ever e-mailed me, so you can have a first look and kick the tires. If you've never e-mailed me and want to be notified when the new blog is up, send me an e-mail. I deleted the e-mail addresses from the reader survey, so if that's the only time you've ever communicated your address to me, you're not getting notified.